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Flexible panels, made with double-back-contact cells are popular in many off-grid applications, from recreational to industrial settings. These panels can be prone to manufacturing defects or moisture-related failure due to the lack of a frame with moisture barrier. This means greater unreliability and a shorter useful life.

RUGGEDFLEX panels are uniquely designed and manufactured to provide the reliable performance and long-life associated with RUGGEDSOLAR®. Durable and waterproof while remaining frameless, RUGGEDFLEX panels come with our unmatched 5-years warranty.


  • Liquid chemical curing process places no stress or pressure on cut solar cells
  • Monolithic construction is totally waterproof and impervious to water intrusion
  • Flexible encapsulant chemically bonds to solar cells for maximum protection


  • Lamination process places pressure on cut solar cells leading to breakage, low voltage voids, and early failure
  • Moisture penetration from edges with no silicone waterproofing protection due to lack of metal frame
  • Laminate materials can separate over time under mechanical stress and heat exposure

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